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High Quality Passenger Elevator Exporter
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Product description of the High Quality Passenger Elevator Exporter

In the small machine room passenger elevator compared with usually have a computer room, adopt the reasonable construction layout, make the room area is as large as well, saved the space room, at the same time reduce the influence of the exterior of the building unique, the room can accommodate the appearance with special construction requirements of the building, not only reduces the cost of construction, at the same time more is helpful to inspire architects, create a magnificent work of art.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the High Quality Passenger Elevator Exporter


At the same time, it greatly reduces the noise and vibration, saves the use space, and creates a brand-new ride comfort for you.VVVF frequency converter with vector control, high precision speed control and current control, real-time and precise control of the main engine rotation torque to ensure the stable operation of the elevator.Full computer data ac variable frequency speed regulation (VVVF) control, can adjust the frequency according to the need of speed and load, energy saving about 40% compared with the traditional drive system. 

An ingenious design

Diversified design, unique car decoration scheme, whether business or leisure, can meet your indifferent and elegant free choice, making the ride more comfortable and cozy.

Production Details of High Quality Passenger Elevator Exporter

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